V-Girls Creations Story

🌈V~Girls Creations has been established since 2002. We have a powerful mother/daughter bond that allows us to create unique items and share it with the world. From Pearl jewelry (shucking oysters at home), to beaded vibrant colorful bracelets (that allows us to celebrate our personalities and our colorful outlook in life). In addition, we bake for events (baking mini cupcakes & cake spoons allows us to create things with a yummy & healthy twist. Our drawings, paintings & inspirational quotes allows us to make books of inspirational quotes with personalized drawings for each person’s utopia which in return allows us to create masterpieces and memories that last a lifetime. 

This project started as a form of pain management therapy as I battle some serious health conditions. Lastly,  our goal is to spread love, support and remind people that in this world we are all united and we can accomplish anything. 

Our mottos is: Dream big, set a plan and execute it! Treat others the way you want to be treated and everything always falls into place! 

🦋Thank you for visiting the V~Girls Creations website!